We also work on smaller projects and do repairs for damaged vehicles.

Custom Paint - Smaller Projects

Quality paint entails expertise from talented painters and body prep people. Prep skills provide the required straightening and aligning of body panels and the very tedious sanding processes. Quality painting involves working with solids, pearls and candy forms of paint.  As well as years of paint experience in air brush work, graphic design and layout, and hand pinstriping go into the finished product.

This site, especially the paint section offers many examples of the wide range of custom paint work which is in addition to the one-color paint as seen in the restoration work.Here we show the possibilities when customers allow out talented staff to do one of a kind creation. You will also see custom paint in the race car sections


Speciality Repair Work

  • Unfortunately, some cherished toys get damaged and need special attention.
  • When a flat rate collision shop is not an option Joey’s Place is happy to do the repair.
  • Many insurance companies having collector car programs recognize our expertise.
  • We provide quality work for your specialty vehicle and we take great care because we value.

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